The Welcome
Guide Story

We’re on a mission to help you create a more personal connection with your guests in a new digital way.

We created Welcome Guide because being a guest and being a host should be fun and totally welcoming.

However, we’re in the age of Airbnbs and keyless entries. It’s easy to be faceless and feel disconnected. It’s easy to become transactional.

Traveling anywhere new can be unnerving… Where do we park? Will the code work? Am I at the right place? Are there clean towels?

It doesn’t have to be that way. 

As the world begins to travel again, we want to be ready with open and welcoming arms, knowing that hosts and guests alike want to have the best experience possible.

Welcome Guide is a rethink. It’s an alternative to face-to-face. It’s a new way to share insider knowledge without losing the personality.

It’s the new digital concierge.

Welcome aboard!

Kristina & Brennen

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