Share your local knowledge and insight

No-one knows the neighborhood like you do. Your guests will love the insider knowledge that you can pass to them.

Auto import from Google

All you have to do is search and select the place, and we’ll import all the data from Google.

Drive Time

Give your guests an idea of how far this place is from the rental.

Walk Time

Is this place within walking distance? Then show an optional walk time as well.

Categories as pages

Create multiple neighborhood pages to group places, for example, dining, things to do, nightlife, etc…

Add custom notes

Include your own notes or insider tips that go along with the place.

Track interactions

We track clicks and phone calls to each place so you have an idea of how popular your recommendations are.

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Auto import from Google Places

In just a few clicks you can fill out your neighborhood info and share it with your guests.

If it’s not in Google Places, you’re free to add your own custom place.

Google places integration


We’ll use the photo from Google by default saving you time.


We’ll link and track the address, phone number, and website for each place.

Drive/Walk Time

Give guests an idea of how far away each place is without looking at a map.


Guests can easily click to get directions and load them inside of the Google Maps app.

Get started with a 30 day free trial

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