Digital guidebooks for the modern Airbnb host

Lost guidebooks, missing pages, lamination issues, crossed out info… should be a thing of the past.

Updates anytime, anywhere

Your guests will see updates the second they go live.

Access before arrival

Guests can access your guidebook before arrival to get a better lay of the land.

No app to download

Don’t force your guests another app to download and create an account for.

Less Printing = Less Waste

No need to re-print your guidebook for new guests or to update information.

Add Multimedia

Easily add checklists, videos, images, and PDFs to your guidebook.

Mobile + Desktop

Guidebooks are optimized for mobile first, but work equally great on a desktop

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Manage one guidebook or hundreds from our easy-to-use dashboard

We’ve built our dashboard for on-the-go hosts who need to make updates quickly and effortlessly from their mobile device or home computer.

We care about the small stuff!

Print your digital guidebooks too

Printable PDFs

PDFs generate automatically from your guidebook data.

Upload to Canva

You can also upload the generated PDF directly to Canva to make any final adjustments there.

Print at home or with a pro

Print your guidebooks at home anytime for a physical copy. Or send it to a professional printer with a vector based PDF.

Get started with a 30 day free trial

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