Digital Guidebook Features

Manage a simple and elegant guest experience from before they arrive to after they leave.

Digital Guidebooks

Update Your Guidebook Anytime, Anywhere

Guests will see your updates the second they go live.

Guests Can Access Your Guidebook Before They Arrive

Before, during, and after their stay.

No App To Download

We don’t force your guests to download anything to view your guide.

Less Printing = Less Waste

No need to re-print your guidebook for new guests or to update information.

Add Videos, Images, and PDFs

Easily add some multimedia to your guidebook with video, images, and PDFs.

Neighborhood Places Automatically Add Photos, Address & Distance

Just search for the name and our software does the rest.

Choose a unique theme for each guidebook

Better match your guidebook’s theme design with your property’s branding.

Use a custom color for your guidebook

Choose from one of our pre-selected colors or add your custom color hex code.

Powered By QR Codes

Direct Guests To The Exact Information They Need

Don’t force your guests to read 20 pages before finding what they need.

Tricky Coffee Maker?

Attach a QR code directly to it and save the back and forth communication.

No Need For Typing Long WIFI Passwords

Let your guests connect directly to WIFI without typing anything.

Instantly Recognizable & Used Worldwide

QR codes work natively on every newer iPhone and Android device.

Update Content Without Printing New Codes

Our dynamic codes allow you to update any page content at any time.
*Updating WIFI requires a new code.

Generate Digital QR Codes

Digital QR codes can be printed by you at any time for any page.

Etched, Printed & Shipped Direct To You

Etched On Wood Or Acrylic

We manufacture QR signs that have your primary guidebook and WiFi laser etched on.

Get Creative

Versatile staging options so you can put them in or on whatever looks best.

Place Them Where They Are Needed Most

No-one wants to hunt for information, so place them directly on or near the item.

Print On Your Own

Should you need to print your guidebook for certain old-fashioned guests, automatically generate a printed copy.

Custom Signs

Add your logo and branding with custom made-to-order signs.

*Additional fee required

Create add-ons, upsells, & services

Make additional revenue

Generate additional high margin service revenue at your properties.

Offer unique experiences

Stand out from the competition and delight your guests.

Collect Payments

Use our processor for a 5% fee, or use your own with no transaction fees.

*Credit card fee extra

Require confirmation before purchase

Depending on the service, you can choose to require confirmation before payment.

Set a lead time

You can set a custom lead time per service or upsell. Guests can’t order if inside of that lead time.

Bulk upsell management

Easily attach or detach upsells from any number of guidebooks.

Track & Respond To Guest Feedback

Receive Page Specific Feedback

Guests having issues can leave feedback directly on the problem item.

Set Autoresponders

Away from your phone and computer? Let your guests know you’ve received their feedback automatically.

Catch Potentially Bad Reviews Early

Let guests give you private feedback before they go the public route.

Messages Are Stored In Your Account

Never worry about losing an email, we store all messages in your account for reference.

Collect Guest Information

Create Pre-checks

Collect additional guest contact info before they view your guidebook.

Create Waivers

Require your guests to sign waivers before arriving.

Track QR Scans

Measure guest’s usage of your QR codes over time.

Gain Valuable Insight

Gain valuable insight on popular or troublesome areas around your property.

Track Neighborhood Clicks

Get a better understanding of what your guests like to do during their stay.

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