Collect guest information before arrival

Optionally collect or require certain guest information before arrival. Collect names and emails, signed waivers, or terms acceptance.

Names and emails

Collect names and emails of guests to add to your newsletter campaigns.

Signed Waivers

Collect signed waivers from your guests regarding pool & hotub rules, extra guests, party restrictions, etc… 


Show your guests a special before they visit your guidebook.


Show your guests important notices without collecting guest information.

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Attach pre-checks to any number of guidebooks

Pre-checks will be shown to guests before they view a guidebook. After acceptance, we’ll save the completion so they won’t have to fill it out again when using the same device.

Keep logs of all completed pre-checks

Stored in account

All completed pre-checks across all your guidebooks are stored for easy access.

Enable/Disable Pre-checks

Pre-checks can be added to one or more guidebooks and easily disabled at any time.

Handle Diffs

Should your waiver content change after a guest signed, they’ll have to complete the new one with new content.

Export Data

Should you need to export pre-checks as a CSV, we can enable that for your team.

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