Guest messaging directly from your guidebook

Give your guests the option to send you a message directly from your guidebook. Forward those messages to your property management software.

Tag Messages

Messages are tagged with the guidebook and page your guest is currently viewing.

Set Autoresponders

If you can’t be available, set an autoresponder that can go out immediately after a message is received.

Custom Integration

Either send messages to the primary guidebook contact or choose a custom email to forward into your customer support system.

Stored in Dashboard

Never worry about losing an email, we store all messages in your account for reference.

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Keep track of all guest messages from across your account

Messages are received across all your properties and show up in one unified place.

This helps get valuable feedback into your hands without switching between different guidebooks.

Integrates with your customer support system


We can integrate with any email based customer support system.

Enable/Disable Messaging

Don’t want to receive any messages through your guidebook? No problem, just disable it!

Keep a log

We keep a log of all messages that come in for your reference.

Export Messages

Should you need to export messages as a CSV, we can enable that for your team.

Get started with a 30 day free trial

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