Digital Guidebook Software for
Boutique Hotels

Elevate your hotel experience with a digital guidebook. It’s like a digital concierge that allows your guests the freedom to relax and explore at their own pace.

Your boutique hotel guidebook, now digital

We know your time managing a boutique hotel is valuable, that’s why we care so much in making sure creating your digital guide is completely effortless

Update Your Guidebook Anytime, Anywhere

Guests will see your updates the second they go live

Guests Can Access Your Guidebook Before They Arrive

Not only before, but also during, out-and-about, and after their stay

No App To Download

We don’t force your guests to download anything to view your guide

Less Printing = Less Waste

No need to re-print your guidebook for new guests or to update information

Increase revenue with add-on services & upsells

Give your guests the ability to browse and purchase add-on services before or during their stay. Plus set lead time, confirmations, min and max quantities and more!

Deliver your boutique hotel guidebook through a QR code

You probably already know guests won’t read, so give them the information they need, when they need it

Direct Guests To The Exact Information They Need

Don’t force your guests to read 20 pages before finding what they need

Tricky Coffee Maker?

Attach a QR code directly to it and save the back and forth communication

No Need For Typing Long WIFI Passwords

Let your guests connect directly to your WIFI without typing anything

Instantly Recognizable & Used Worldwide

QR codes work natively on every iPhone and Android device, just point your camera app at the code

Update Content Without Printing New Codes

Our dynamic codes allow you to update any page content at any time

*Updating WIFI requires a new code

Beautiful laser etched signs

We offer wooden and acrylic laser etched signs that display beautifully in your property.

Customize with a guidebook template

Choose from 3 professionally designed templates with more on the way!

Classic Theme
Lively Theme
Luxury Theme

Update one hotel or thousands of hotel guidebooks from one simple dashboard

We can even integrate with your hotel’s CRM. Guest questions and feedback can automatically flow into your preferred tool.

Add Videos, Images, PDFs & Checklists

Easily add multimedia to your guidebook with video, images, PDFs, and checklists

Integrated with Google Places

In the neighborhood section, search for the place name and we’ll import the photo, directions, phone, website, and drive time

Set up autoresponders

Should your guest leave feedback, send them an automated message letting them know you’ve received it and any other helpful info

Some of our happy Welcome Guide Customers 👍

  • Be Still Getaways

    Jamie Inlow

    Before Welcome Guide, I used to agonize over print guidebooks and every time I made an edit I’d have to redesign my template and reprint. Welcome Guide has simplified my life and the interface not only looks amazing, but is easy for guests to use. I use Welcome Guide on all of my properties and now use it to guide me when I’m building new listings. I could not recommend this more!
  • Hotel Crosby

    Nikole Diethert

    We have had multiple guests tell us how much your software has helped them – whether it be around the hotel or around Stillwater. It is such a great and user-friendly software. Highly recommend it to anyone looking into using a QR code system!
  • Gone Coastal BNB

    Heather MacBeth-Estrada

    The Welcome Guide has been a real game changer for our short term rental business. We own 3 AirBnBs in Galveston Texas, and we have the Welcome Guide for all of them! One quick scan and they have everything in their phone and are on the go! Our guests love it!  What I love even more is the capability to change/add more information so easily. Just a quick update to the information and the QR code automatically updates!
  • Brewster Cottages

    Jenna Tickner

    Just checking in to say I LOVE THIS!!!! Omg it’s life-changing!! I finally had some time to work on my guides and they are so easy to create/navigate. When I have some time in the next few days I will definitely post about it. I already sent my first digital guide to a guest this past weekend and the feedback was great….Thanks so much!!

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